About Us

Founded in 2010

CISO Network Management has spent thousands of hours working on verifying members, collaborating with members and keeping bad actors from joining this Network of Elite Cyber Security Professionals.

Global Network of Over 3,300 Cyber Security Executive Members and Growing

Private Network

We are very strict about privacy of our members.  We believe each member has the right to their privacy and have created a private network to lessen the exposure of members to social media groups.


Our mission is to provide a private educational network and forum for Security Executives to discuss and share insights that help organizations detect, deter, and prevent with an emphasis on employee and executive security training. 

Membership Benefits

Member VIP Networking Events / Awards and much more!

Hosting Premiere Events for CISO's to meet and collaborate with each other on a regular bases.

Access to Private Forum / Online Roundtable Discussions

Huge Discounts on Cyber Security Training and Certifications

Interested in the latest certifications !  Members have access to discounts on certs not only for themselves but for their team members.

CISO Network Members Only Webinars

Monthly Webinars for CISO Network Members by CISO Network members ! 

Access to member selected technologies that fulfill business needs, secure data and reduce risk.


Discover The Most Recent Open Technology Positions

Learn about new opportunities before everybody else finds out about them.


Travel Centers of America

BJ's Wholesale Club


Billy Spears

Billy Spears

Senior Vice President / CISO


PNC Financial

Susan Koski

Senior Vice President / Security Operations



Kevin McLaughlin

Director - Deputy CISO and a Professor


Latest Webinar's and Information for Non-Members

Even if you are not a member we still value your support.  You are welcome to join us for webinars that we create and share with the  general public.  We will have a private portal for non-members to enjoy these benefits.

CISO Network Executive Founders

Jennifer Shook

Group Manager

Brad Haizlett

Founder CISO Network

Founder of The CISO Network


Dan Haizlett


Co Founder 


We support Women in Cyber Security !