CISO Toolbox

CISO Toolbox

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What we do

Fast. Invisible. Dissolving.

SixEngines quantifies which users and systems are the weakest links in an organization. It ranks users by which are most likely to cause a security incident. The enterprise security assessment, which runs in ~35s before dissolving entirely, provides customers the ability to take quick action to reduce the damage potential, curtail the vectors for data leakage, and reverse system drift from corporate security policy.

The specific data elements examined and security recommendations advanced by SixEngines is backed by decades of endpoint security, operating system, and systems management research.

Who's the weakest link?

SixEngines provides smart assessments via scalable SaaS solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our technology produces an algorithmic-driven view into endpoint environments that delivers crisp security intelligence and an instant determination of areas for improvement.

“Nobody Else Is Providing This Intel.”

   Chief Information Officer, Large Technology Firm